Together: The Rituals and Pleasures of Cooperation

Two days after the final registration of The Cooperative Change Group, we had the privilege to meet with the participants of our first CCG Camp, held at the historic Johannissaal of Munich’s Nymphenburg castle. We spent two intense days of knowledge sharing, getting to know each other better and exploring opportunities to work together in change management and change consulting.

This happened in the same week when we received the final official registration as a consulting cooperative from the German authorities (Genossenschaftsregister), and only 3 months after establishing our new consultancy group! What a week for us: We were delighted to receive such a positive feedback to the core concept of CCG, delighted about so much enthusiasm and interest from the Camp participants to join forces and develop the cooperative further. There was a lot of positive energy in the room, a great sense of collaboration and openness and an enormous degree of professionalism and wisdom, when we discussed change management topics as well as the success factors for what we think is a new approach in establishing a cutting-edge change consultancy.

That’s the main idea: to establish a group that will clearly benefit from the diverse and profound expertise from senior professionals with a background in a variety of HR disciplines like talent and leadership development or compensation & benefits, in training and management education fields like leading change, high performance culture, innovation or communications as well as in managerial practices like strategy development and execution or organizational development. As one of the participants who came to Munich from across Germany as well as from Milan and London said: “This should work!” What else can we say: “We think so, too!” Thanks to everyone making this happen and building a momentum for driving CCG further.